TMC/Midwestern University Podiatry Residency Program

The Tucson Medical Center/Midwestern University Residency Program in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery was established July 2013. The program is a well-rounded three-year residency with a primary goal of providing our graduates with comprehensive training in Foot and Ankle Medical and Surgical expertise. To achieve these goals residents participate in rotations through various services including Emergency Department, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Medicine, Radiology, Behavioral  Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Pathology, Podiatric Office Rotation, Save a Limb Tucson program at Tucson Medical Center and Tucson Medical Center Wound Care Center under the direction of Dr. Michael Lavor.

We are looking for the most motivated, talented and dedicated students with excellent leadership and communication skills. The residency program places strong emphasis on hands-on training, academic research, and the development of exemplary work ethic to develop future leaders in the specialty of podiatry.  Residents are expected to perform in rotations on par with medical and surgical residents in the hospital. Residents participate in cases with Board Certified Podiatrists and Orthopedists at Tucson Medical Center, Tucson Surgery Center, St Mary’s Hospital, St Joseph’s Hospital, Foot Hills Surgery Center, Oro Valley Hospital and Northwest Hospital. Residents have an opportunity to attend to patients pre-and post-operatively.  Stimulating academic sessions are held on a weekly basis. Residents are encouraged to present research projects at various conferences.  For further information you may contact the Tucson Hospital Medical Education Program (THMEP) office 520-324-5096 or email