THMEP Transitional Year Benefits Include:

2015-2016 Transitional Year Program

G-1 Residents $51,172

1. Health and Accident Insurance: THMEP pays the premium for the resident and his/her immediate family. Maternity benefits are also provided as part of the insurance.

2. Dental Insurance: THMEP pays the premium for the resident and his/her immediate family: 100% coverage for routine work, 80% coverage for basic work, 50% coverage for major work

3. Life Insurance: $100,000 term life insurance is provided.

4. Disability Insurance: Full pay for three months; $1,500/month thereafter.

5. Professional Liability Insurance, while performing duties that are normally included in the training program. (Includes”tail coverage”)

6. Workers’ and Unemployment Compensation Insurance.

7. Social Security employer contributions.

8. Uniform Coats: Provided by THMEP.

9. Vacation: Four weeks paid vacation each year.

10. Leave of Absence: Paid leave of absence for USMLE Examination.

11. Optional Benefits: In addition to these benefits, residents may participate in tax-sheltered annuities, additional life insurance and disability coverage, by payroll deductions.

12. Orientation Program including ACLS certification.

13. Call Room Facilities during clinical rotations requiring overnight call.

Living quarters (other than call rooms), and laundry are not provided. Lunch is provided each work day and electronic funds for dinner and breakfast before and after night-call are provided on your ID badge.